In order to provide better service, please read and abide by the following items before coming to Aiwafuku.
Thank you for your cooperation. 


■優惠方案說明Campaign price

◆ 2023年01月01日元旦參拜方案 2023 New Year Plan◆

*一位 5,500日圓(含稅)<不限男/女/幼>

*JPY 5,500 per person (tax included)<Male/female/child>
※All plans will be suspended on January 1, 2023, and only 2023New Year Plan will be provided.
※Cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts.



平日: 一位4,900日圓・兩人以上 4,500日圓/人
土日假日:一位 5,400日圓・兩人以上 5,000日圓/人

*Lace Kimono (With 3 accessories)
weekdays:JPY 4,900 per person ・two or more JPY 4,500 per person
Sat.Sun.Holidays:JPY 5,400 per person ・two or more JPY 5,000 per person



平日: 一位5,850日圓・兩人以上 5,000日圓/人
土日假日:一位 6,350日圓・兩人以上 5,500日圓/人

*Taisyouroman Kimono (With 6 accessories)
weekdays:JPY 5,850 per person ・two or more JPY 5,000 per person
Sat.Sun.Holidays:JPY 6,350 per person ・two or more JPY 5,500 per person



土日假日:兩位 6,500日圓

*Couple Kimono(male and female)
weekdays:JPY 5,500
Sat.Sun.Holidays:JPY 6,500
Lace kimono (with 3 accessories): +1,500/person
Taisyouroman Kimono (with 6 accessories): +2,200/person
※If you need to wear boots, please bring your own.


◆學生方案:一位 3,300日圓 Student plan: JPY 3,300 per person◆

◎12/31前一位 3,278日圓

Those who use the student plan, please present your student ID card when registering at the counter.
Those who cannot confirm their student status will be charged the normal plan fee.
◎JPY 3,278 for the person before 12/31
Lace kimono (with 3 accessories): +1,500/person
Taisyouroman Kimono (with 6 accessories): +2,200/person
※If you need to wear boots, please bring your own.


◆四人以上的預約Reservations for more than four people◆


If you make an appointment for more than four people, please reconfirm the appointment time three days before your arrival. If you do not confirm again, or we are unable to contact you, we will cancel your reservation.


◆五人以上團體方案的預約Reservation for groups of five or more◆


The group plan of more than five people is only available on weekdays, and please make online payment 10 days in advance. Cannot be canceled after payment is completed.


■注意事項Please pay attention to the following points

◆淺草愛和服的交通方式 Access◆

・東京Metro銀座線 淺草站 5號出口出來右轉走路2分鐘
Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Asakusa Station Exit 5, turn right and walk for 2 minutes
・東武線 淺草站 北口出來右前方
Tobu Line Asakusa Station North Exit turn right and walk for 10 seconds.
・都營淺草線 淺草站 A5號出口出來左轉走路4分鐘
Toei Asakusa Line Asakusa Station Exit A5, turn left and walk for 4 minutes
※本店沒有停車場。There is no parking lot in this store.

交通方式詳細說明 Access See more>>

◆付款方式 Payment◆

Cash, credit card Visa, Mastercard. Please help prepare change when paying in cash.


◆預約時間遲到時 When you are late for your appointment◆

If you are late within 5-10 minutes on the day, you do not need to contact us. If you are late for more than 15 minutes, please let us know.
If the appointment time is exceeded, we will reschedule the dressing time, please understand.


◆歸還時間 Return time◆

For reservations made before 12:00, the latest return time is 16:30.
For reservations made after 12:00, the latest return time is 17:30.
※Once exceed time limit, we will charge extra fee 1,100 yen / 10 mins each person.
※If you need to add the next day return plan, you must apply in advance.


◆關於變更及取消 About changes and cancellations◆

If there is any need to change the appointment time, please inform us of your appointment name, time and contact information by email.
If you want to cancel, please notify by email before 10:00 the day before, and no cancellation fee will be charged.
If there is no reason to cancel, we will charge 100% cancellation fee by online payment.


◆關於孕婦&哺乳 About pregnant women & breastfeeding◆

Pregnant women who are more than 5 months pregnant and less than 8 months can wear kimonos. In addition, teachers will confirm the waistline of pregnant women to assess whether they can wear kimonos, please understand.
There is no breastfeeding room in the store. If you need to breastfeed, please complete it before coming to the store. You will not be able to breastfeed while wearing a kimono.


◆關於自身安全About your own safety◆

We are not responsible for any incidents or injuries during the rental time.
Must always keep an eye on your child anytime and anywhere, please understand that we are not responsible for any incidents or injuries in the shop and also during the rental time. Besides, we may decline your rental application if there is any safety concern.


◆關於租借衣服及物品賠償Compensation for rented clothes and items◆

If there’s any stain or damage (Ex. Cigarette burn, small whole) which can’t be washed or repaired, you will be charged 20,000 yen.


◆關於遺失物品About lost items◆

※Please keep valuables by yourself.
If there are items left in the store, the food will be discarded on the same day, and the other items will only be kept for three days, and will be discarded after three days.


◆防疫措施 Infection prevention measures◆

‧預約制 ‧入場人員限制 ‧工作人員於客人入店時測量體溫‧入店時須戴口罩、雙手消毒 ‧遵守室內安全距離規範 ‧全店換氣及消毒 ‧店內禁止飲食
‧Appointment required ‧Limited entry personnel ‧Measuring body temperature when entering the store ‧Wearing a mask and sanitizing hands when entering the store ‧Complying with indoor safety distance regulations ‧Ventilation and disinfection‧No eating or drinking in the store


◆貼心提醒 Reminder◆

There is only one toilet for girls in the store, and there is no space for changing diapers. To avoid delaying the changing time of each customer, please solve the physical needs at the station or hotel first.
The space in the store is limited, and there is no make-up service and space, please finish your makeup before coming.
Eating and drinking are prohibited in the store, please do not bring food come here.
There is no trash can in the store, please take the trash away by yourself, thank you for your cooperation.

~和服體驗Kimono experience~
冬天保暖對策Warmth measures in winter:see more>>

~浴衣體驗Yukata experience~
Yukata and lace yukata(kimono) are thinner than kimonos. We will provide yukata shirts, but the underwear will still be see-through. White, skin tone or light colored underwear is recommended.


■淺草愛和服 五大特色 Five guarantees of service

  1. 浴衣(和服)花色齊全價格相同
  2. 價格包含簡單編髮及髮飾
  3. 專業着付師、專業美髮師提供服務
  4. 免費寄放隨身衣物
  5. 常駐中英文協助的工作人員
  1. All the kimonos are the same price, except for other requirement.
  2. The hair set and the ornament are included.
  3. Our service is provided by professional kimono dressers and hair dressers.
  4. Free to deposit your carry-on luggage.
  5. We have Chinese and English speaking staffs.

If you have any questions or concerns,please to contact us here.

111-0033 東京都台東区花川戸1-11-1
Taito-ku, Tokyo Hanakawado 1-11-1