★The Special Plan on 29th of July!
・7月29日(Sat) 19:05〜20:30 Sumida River Fireworks Festival

Return Yukata before 21:30 Plan (Sumida River Fireworks Festival )

<One person>
¥4,800(Tax included )

  1. It is available for returning your Yukata before 21:30 that day.
     One person will be charge extra fee ¥2,000 overtime.。
  2. The price includes the following items:
    ・Rental products (yukata, half-width band, undershirt, bag, sandals)
    ・Dressing of kimono
    ・Easy hair set & hair accessory
    ・carry-luggage deposited (until 22:30)

Please feel free to return back anytime before 21:30 except for 19:00~20:00.

※ Please notify us if there is any situations of delay or postpone, otherwise you are required to arrive here on time.

※ Please avoid the rush time and make sure you could turn back before 21:30.  One person will be charge extra fee ¥2,000 overtime.